Abundance Practices: A More Indepth Look At Our March BuddhiBox

Wellness and self care come in many forms and affect many areas of your life. It’s wise to add a few things at a time, have fun and experiment! That’s why each month we send out a new Yoga BuddhiBox that contains carefully selected products with a shared focus. Our March BuddhiBox is all about Abundance.

The items included in this month’s BuddhiBox will aid in attracting and manifesting abundance into your life. Many of these are also tools for you to use in your personal meditation, (asana/pose) yoga, and spiritual practices. Here at BuddhiBox we want you to get the most out of each item and fully understand how to include it in your daily practices. We were so inspired by your comments and feedback that we decided  to start publishing a monthly blog post that will help you in exploring a few of the possible self care rituals that your latest BuddhiBox holds. So let’s take a closer look at what’s inside your box this month!

H2Life Abundance Sticker

This beautiful Sticker is much more than just a pretty design! It’s meant to raise the vibration and energies of your water! This photo shows one example of the several designs that H2Life gave us to send to you. We’ve all read about the different influences positivity and negativity have on our lives and environment. By simply adding a positive word or affirmation to things like water bottles, plants, or even food, it actually has a physical influence on the subject. Infusing your water with positive energies before you quench your thirst is a wonderful way to enhance your own personal vibrations. Your sticker is waterproof and long lasting so it will withstand constant handling.

You can also put the stickers on laptops, lockers, or your car. We think these are so pretty and the colors go perfect in any yoga space. You could get creative and incorporate it into a piece of artwork for your altar or yoga space as a tool to manifest abundance into your daily life.

Crystal Crowe Abundance Candle

We’re such fans of crystal and herb infused candles! We like to send them out regularly to you so you can have the liberty of burning them often. We want you to use each item you receive and not feel like you need to save it for another day. This one in particular has a wonderful scent and is made of soy. It’s infused with clear quartz, citrine, and rose petals perfect for evoking abundance!

Lava Stone 108 Mala with Tree of Life Charm

This is a lovely weighted mala for you to use in your meditation practices! Malas are used to help focus your meditation practice by repeating your mantra or affirmation as you move each bead through you fingers. There are 108 beads in the Mala. There’s also a larger bead or charm that is known as the Guru bead, it aids in helping you keep count of how many mantras you have done.

So why 108 beads? The reason behind the number of beads in the mala vary, but here are some common explanations. Some believe that each time around your mala counts as 100 mantras or chants, the additional eight are offerings to your Guru. Another explanation is that it ties to the Sanskrit alphabet, there are 54 letters that make up the Sanskrit alphabet and each has a feminine and masculine version totalling 108.

Malas are made of different materials, the most commonly used are sandalwood, Rudraksha seeds, or gemstones. This Mala is made of lava stones and an assortment of gems to symbolize the 7 Chakras. Lava stones are very beneficial in meditation for two reasons: its healing properties and porous nature. You can anoint it with essential oils and reap those benefits as well. Lava stone is great for raising energy levels, calming emotions and cleansing negativity.

To add even more power to your practice we suggest adding Frankincense essential oil to the lava stones as well. Frankincense brings about peace. It aides in focus, minimizing distractions while improving concentration. It’s also a sacred ceremonial oil that has been used since ancient times. If you don’t have it on hand, Cedarwood would also be a worthy substitute which we included in one of your past BuddhiBoxes. It’s great for steadying the conscious mind. You can also use an already prepared meditation essential oil blend since these work wonderfully too.

7 Stone Chakra Set

There is a huge variety of crystals found in nature, each possessing its own unique healing benefits and energies. They are also great for activating, and opening different chakras in the body. Here is a list of each stone included in the set along with the chakra it associates with and other healing benefits:

Crown Chakra – Opalite (translucent)  known as the Stone of Eternity used in understanding your true self. Place on crown chakra during meditation for enhanced psychic powers and inducing visions.

Third Eye Chakra – Amethyst (purple) attracts divine energy and raises you to a higher spiritual level.

Throat Chakra – Sodalite (blue) Boosts communication, strengthens confidence and intuition.

Heart Chakra – Green Aventurine (green) attracts luck and prosperity. Promotes compassion and empathy.

Solar Plexus Chakra – Tigers Eye (brown) promotes resilience, self discipline and personal power.

Sacral Chakra – Rose Quartz (pink) lowers and soothes stress and resonates with the goddess energy.

Root Chakra – Red Jasper (red) promotes security and balance. It also grounds and relieves stress.

Seed of Life Crystal Grid

We think this grid is beautiful and hope you love the gold against black colors as well! The shimmering gold adds an element of magic into your practice and looks great in candlelight too. Crystal Grids combine sacred geometry and crystals to amplify the intentions you are hoping to manifest into your life. The Seed of Life represents the 7 stages of creation and is an amazing example of sacred geometry.

To use your grid, decide on an intention and meditate on this for a while. Next decide what chakras are affected by this intention. Example: Love = Heart Chakra, Then gather corresponding stones. Example: Heart Chakra = Aventurine, Rose Quartz. Then Break the intention down further and gather more corresponding stones. Example: Stability in Love = Tigers Eye.

With purpose create your design adding a stone to each cross section in the seed of life. Add Clear Quartz to the outside edges to represent North, South, East and West. There is no wrong way to work with your grid, so get creative! The most important part is letting your creativity and intentions infuse your work.

Meditate and visualize with your grid. You may leave it out or you can make one each time you set intentions. New Moon is a wonderful time for intention setting and grid work. At BuddhiBox some of us like to meditate with the same grid throughout the rest of the lunar cycle, bonding ourselves and our intentions even further with the grace of nature.

Vedic Astrology Forecast by Madhavi Rathod

Madhavi Rathod has gifted the BuddhiBox community with her intuition and insight this year! The link to her forecast can be found in your monthly tracking email, so keep an eye out for this wonderful opportunity!

We Hope this more in depth look at the assortment of items in your Yoga BuddhiBox this month clarifies their backgrounds and uses. We want all of them to bring you lots of abundance and enhance your self care practices. Adding health and spiritual rituals to your daily routine benefits so many facets of your life and supports all of the energy you generate on and off the yoga mat. The rituals promote balance and self discovery. We hope you enjoy! Namaste!

Kelly Henderson is the blogger, vlogger and social media manager for BuddhiBox. She began practicing yoga and incorporating self care rituals into her life 5 years ago and her life has blossomed ever since. She’s an adventurer and loves visiting new places and meeting new people. Aside from yoga and writing, Kelly enjoys beekeeping, gardening, herbalism and photography. She believes that life is about self discovery and living purposely, her mission is to inspire others to deepen and enhance their lives through yoga, self care and spiritual practices.

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