Yoga and Mindfulness: Six Essentials for Manifesting Abundance

BuddhiBox Torus Grid with chakra stone set, abundance crystals flower petals travel candle tin, abundance metallic waterproof sticker, 108 lava stone and chakra stone mala necklace

Everyone dreams of living a life full of abundance and happiness but some seem to just be a magnet for it. What are they doing that you are not? It’s all about putting the right thoughts, energies and vibrations out into the universe. You must learn the language of manifesting.  However instead of speaking with words you learn to communicate through energy you feel and exude.

There are lots of practices you can add to your daily routine to strengthen your ability to convey your desires and help heighten your capability for manifesting abundance. Here are some essentials for manifesting abundance:

Gratitude! Gratitude! Gratitude!

Gratitude is the absolute foundation for manifesting abundance! You must first make counting your blessings a habit. Recognizing your gifts from the universe not only promotes positive thinking but it also clears the path to receiving more.

It’s easy to fall into a negative mindset where bad thoughts come like second nature and that makes it more difficult to manifest. You can’t have a happy life with a negative mind. Start by making the first thing that runs through your mind in the morning, “Thank You.”

Everyday name ten things you are thankful for. Make it a point to say thank you to every person that waits on you or helps you in any way no matter how small. Send thank you cards when you receive gifts or favors. Make the majority of your prayers about expressing gratitude instead of asking for something. These small adjustments align your energies to receive more and it makes you a better person too.

Manifestation Heart's Desire


The universe speaks in energies not words so simply saying what you want doesn’t send a clear message. Visualization is key to emiting your heart’s desires to the divine. It’s not just about the picture in your head though, it’s about the feeling too. Sit in a quiet space away from distractions.

Begin by visualizing abundance in your life. What does it look like? Details are very important so don’t rush through this process, instead make it something that brings joy and excitement to your day.

Next begin to use your senses. What does it smell like? What do you hear and taste? Finally, when you have a clear living picture, add emotion. How does abundance feel? Feel it physically but also internally. How does your vision make your spirit feel? Now spend time in this vision, feeling everything like you already have it. End by believing it’s already yours. This is the core component in manifesting and conveying your wishes to the universe. Do this as often as possible.

Pink Moon Phases Over Urban Setting

Manifesting By The Moon

When we are connected with nature, we feel more balanced because we become in tune with the eternal cycles in the natural world. One thing these cycles teach us is that different energies flow at different times, which greatly influences our own energy and events that occur in our lives and in nature.  There’s a time for growth and time for reflection. Time for action and time for rest. When you align your intentions with the right energies in nature then you have the force of nature behind you.

The  beautiful unique light in the night sky exudes energy that rules our ocean’s tide and cues changes in many wild creature’s behaviors. Harnessing the energies of the moon and it’s cycles is a perfect way to aid in manifesting abundance into your life. Learning the different stages and energies of the moon helps you know when to plan, take action or allow it’s heightened power to guide, empower and cleanse you and other object’s energies.  

New Moon is the time for intention setting and making preparations. It’s a time to reset and start new paths. Setting goals, visualization, cleansing ceremonies, and creating a crystal grid (see below) are wonderful practices during this time.

The Waxing Moon is the time between the New Moon and Full Moon. This is the time for action and setting the stage to receive blessings. What can you do to support the universe in manifesting your desires? Look for opportunity during this time and seize it!        

The energies of the Full Moon are very potent, a perfect time to cleanse and charge your crystals, malas and other tools for manifesting. This is also a time for celebration and gratitude. Full moon rituals bond you spiritually with the universe. Draw an herbal bath, cleanse your soul with a special full moon chant, or prayer and smudging ceremony, or simply spend time basking in its light, appreciating where you are presently.

As the Moon’s light recedes, known as the Waning Moon, use this time to reflect and rest. It’s also a good time to release what no longer serves you, shedding parts of yourself as you evolve in your spiritual journey.

Living and manifesting by the moon is a wonderful way to not only heighten your energies but also bring balance to your life and strengthen your connection with nature.

Lit Sage Smudge Sticke in Decorative Brass Bowl Surrounded by Amethyst Crystals

A Sacred Space

Now that you are harmonized to the cosmic connection of the divine and open to life’s blessings and abundance, designate tools that will support your intentions and aid in attracting them as well.

A sacred space is a chosen area where you spend time exploring your soul and communing with the divine. This is somewhere to place sacred objects, or reminders to be mindful. You can practice sacred rituals like smudging, visualization, prayer, meditation, and so on. The more you practice these rituals the more heightened the energies in this space will become. The area and objects you keep there will develop their own aura that you can feel. This will magnify your practices and strengthen your manifesting skills. A sacred space will also sharpen your awareness with energies which will aid you in utilizing other manifesting tools. Let’s explore some of those.

Crystals and Grids

Crystals are much more than a pretty accent to place on your bedside table. They are fascinating and contain many energetic and healing powers. They also absorb all energy and information they have been exposed to.

There are a variety of types of crystals that have different influences on their environment. Choosing Crystals that attract abundance and aid in manifesting can strengthen your ability to manifest your desires.  Citrine, Aventurine, Pyrite and Malachite are excellent stones to bring abundance into your life.

Creating a crystal grid is combining the power of crystals and sacred geometry together to intensify your magnetism in manifesting. By arranging your crystals along points in a sacred shape such as the seed of light and using intention and creativity while doing it, infuses the stones with energies specific to your cause. For more information on creating crystal grids, check out our previous post Abundance Practices


Malas, Mantras and Affirmations

Although the language of the universe is more about energy than words, choosing a related mantra or affirmation helps align your mind to the energies that you are communing with the universe. Sometimes we have emotional blocks that keep energies from flowing through us and outward. Repeating a simple affirmation like, “I give myself permission to prosper and grow,”  helps clear blockages in the subconscious and opens you to receive. You can repeat affirmations during morning or evening rituals or with a mala during meditation.

Malas are used to help further focus your mediation practice by repeating your mantra or affirmation as you move each bead through your fingers. This is a wonderful practice to not only aid in manifesting but also to grow in mindfulness during meditation.


These steps and tools will help you grow in your spiritual practices as well as attract abundance into your life. Our paths to self discovery and living our best lives really does start with ourselves.  We alone hold the key to accessing our own desires and knowledge of the divine powers of the universe. We hope this inspires you to take more steps forward on the path to abundance. Namaste.