Tips For How To Clean Your Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat on Deck on SandWe never really talk about mat hygiene.! It may not be very sexy, but it is dharmic (right action.) Saucha, the first niyama, means "purity" in the Sanskrit language and can also be interpreted to mean cleanliness. So, take the Yogic teachings to heart and roll out that mat! Learn how to get the most out of your all natural yoga mat spray today.

There’s a reason we rotate yoga mat sprays in your box - but we’re not gonna go down a detailed list of the icky stuff, and the stats that podiatrists and dermatologists share. Suffice to say bacteria, dead skin, dirt, sweat and viruses.

We choose yoga mat cleaners that are infused with essential oils that not only smell good, but are known for their anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. (Soap and water are not enough to cut through what collects on a mat.) So you're killing mold, viruses, bacteria, and fungus all while being 100% natural and non-toxic. 

Here are the steps to a crystal clean mat. These instructions are for a deep clean. Or, you can modify them for a lighter clean after each practice.

  • Shake your bottle to mix the oil with the soap
  • Moisten a cloth with water
  • Spritz your mat 3-5 times, make sure you get good coverage
  • Let it sit for a couple of minutes to break down the dirt
  • Gently wipe dow your mat taking time to pay attention to areas that are more used
  • Allow you mat to air dry before rolling up

Include mat cleaning as a regular practice, and experience the dharma of cleanliness.