Spring Time Yoga Essentials

It is official – Spring has sprung! Time to thaw out, shed our winter ware, and salute the solstice sun. Longer days energize us to get moving and bring the focus back to our mental, physical, and spiritual health. Whether you are a seasoned or new yoga practitioner, spring is the perfect time to recommit to your practice.

As a yoga teacher and student, I know that all I need is within. But sometimes having some new goodies help guide you back to your healthy routine with a little more enthusiasm. Here are some of my top picks that will help inspire your yoga life on and off the mat.

Get your buddhi on the mat tank

Wear your intention with this super soft, super cute top rated tank. And our grey tank is made from eco-friendly fabrics so you feel great wearing it as you flow through your sun salutations.

Ayurvedic Sandalwood Incense

Spring is the perfect time to pick up a healthy new habit, like meditation.  Meditation has been shown to boost mental focus, encourages a healthier lifestyle, and promotes overall wellbeing. Just 5 minutes a day could make a big difference. Enhance your meditation practice with this ancient fragrant incense that promotes harmony of body and mind.

Beach Yoga Mat

Take your yoga practice outside with Twisted Gurus Recycled Sari yoga mats. What makes these mats so unique, aside from being visually stunning, is that they have underside corner pockets that you can fill with sand. The sand (or rocks from a park) will hold the mat down during vigorous Vinyasa even on a windy day. They also come in a coordinating backpack for easy travel and storage and are equipped with a hidden lock pocket for personal items.

100x Washed Rosewater Ghee

Seasonal changes in weather can wreak havoc on your skin. Keep your skin hydrated and refreshed with this Ayurvedic treatment that offers multiple benefits including anti-aging, softens scars, combats sun spots, treats acne, and nourishes wrinkles.

Sunshine Aromatherapy Spray

Take a little sunshine with you everywhere you go.  Formulated in Sunny San Diego, this spray is a sun-sational citrus scent with uplifting qualities for mind, body, and spirit. Soak it in by spraying around your home, on yourself or enhance your next yoga session with this inspirational scent!

Bohemian Karma Bracelet

Handmade with love, this simple yet meaningful bracelet is a beautiful reminder to keep your mind positive and manifest good vibes.

AILA 5-Free Nail Lacquer

Keep those toes and nails looking purdy while you move through your asanas. All AILA colors are vegan as well as free of Parabens and Gluten, so you can also practice saucha (pure, non-toxic) living.


Yoga Digest Magazine

A yogi reading essential, Yoga Digest is a vibrant resource of like-minded, optimistic and passionate wellness advocates who inspire, educate and connect through a shared belief that everyone deserves a happy and healthy lifestyle. Subscribe to Yoga Digest for one year FREE!

Our Ayurvedic BuddhiBox

Purchase a BuddhiBox subscription! Our April box is dedicated to the ancient Hindu system of holistic Ayrurveda and filled with products that help harmonize and balance our bodily systems using diet, herbal treatment in combination with yoga practice. Save 10% with code ‘yogaeveryday’.

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Have you transitioned to Spring mode? Are you finding yourself starting a healthy new habit or spending more time on your mat? Know that any action you take to aspire to be a better version of you is a step in the right direction. Happy spring and stay inspired yogis!

With Kindness,

Founder, BuddhiBox

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