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Yoga Gift Guide

  Om Om Om Buddhis! The holidays are just around the corner. Have you started shopping for gifts yet? If you are like me, probably not, am I right? Well lucky for you I am much better at …


4 Ways Soy Candles Can Improve Your Life

Candles can be utilized for any number of reasons and have been for centuries by varying cultures.  Some candle lovers use candles as an alternative to burning electricity while others relish in the soft radiant light.  Regardless of …


Inspiring Quotes on Yoga and Life

Sometimes you need a little inspiration. Our days are often taken over by text messages, work emails, and family obligations. You feel like a drone moving from one moment to the next. It is nice to take a little …


A Vegetarian Friendly Holiday

If you are like me, you come from a family of carnivores. And the holidays around your family’s dinner table is a cringe worthy display of the local petting zoo – chickens, turkeys, pigs, lamb. Sad but true. …


I want a Sunday kind of love

Sundays are sacred. They are a time to slow down nourish replenish spend time with loved ones practice deep breathing show gratitude spread love They feel like a cozy sweaters. A warm cup of tea. A cuddle session. …


The One Love Q&A

BuddhiBox is ecstatic to support The One Love Movement as November’s featured charity. 5% of proceeds generated through the sales of BuddhiBox will go to support at-risks and homeless kids. We caught up with the brilliant Buddhi, yoga …


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