Light of Yoga - BuddhiBox
Light of Yoga - BuddhiBox
Light of Yoga - BuddhiBox
Light of Yoga - BuddhiBox

Light of Yoga

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How often do we say or read "love and light?" What a sweet and deeply meaningful expression.

The unique items in this box, were chosen with love and care to cultivate a sense of the radiant light of love that dwells within each of us. Slowing down to gaze at a candle, or sip some tea, the light of the inner self will have a moment to reflect, and reconnect. Then go ahead and shine!

The majorty of piroducts in this box were sourced from indie US women-owned businesses, and artisans in countries where the roots of yoga began.

This box includes:

  • Selenite Tealight Holder | This powerful stone is cleansing, healing and protective. It eases connection to higher realms and allows the light within to shine through.
  • Rose Quartz Heart and Sahasrara Charm Keychain Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love. It opens the anahata (heart) chakra. With an open heart, ascension of the awakened spiritual energy to the sahasarar (crown) chakra comes more naturally.
  • Tipson Tea Assorted Flavors | Enjoy a cuppa with your friend, and know the healing benefits of these teas are a gift to your souls. 
  • Crystal Crowe by Paige Crystal and Rose Petal Soy Tealights | Remember the petals of the heart, and the crystalline purity of your inner being as you light and sit for your meditation or enliven your yoga practice with these candles. 
  • Gyspy Soul Organics Peppermint Solid | Use this solid to restore balance. It relieves headache, upset stomach, sinus congestion, and neck tension with a cool, tingling feeling.
  • Opalite Point with Silver Plated Decorative Chain | The cool blue color of the opalite point reminds us of the ajna (third eye or brow) chakra which is sometimes known as the gateway to discovery of our inner light in meditation and yoga.

All items come inside a printed drawstring bag with quote.

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