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Authenticity Box

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This Authenticity-themed box is for the spiritual seeker, boho wild and free being, or a friend you care deeply about. Enjoy it as a gift of self care, give to a beloved friend for their birthday (a day of renewal and rediscovering authenticity in life), or for a holiday gift. 

The word Authenticity is derived from the word author. When we choose to practice unfolding the yoga sutras, we become more and more ourselves. We think, speak and act from the true heart. This box gives a boost to anyone who is inspired and inspires.

Your Authenticity Box includes:

  • Flowered Life Kind Balm | Be kind to yourself, be true to your body's needs. Rub this balm into skin after intense yoga sessions, workouts, long days at work or traveling.
  • Sodalite & Prehnite Authenticity Crystals | The blue and white of Sodalite brings energies of creativity, inspiration and authentic communication. Prehnite is a both a heart chakra and solar plexus chakra crystal. It links your heart with your will to create what is true for you. 
  • Artistan Crocheted Scarf  | A light weight scarf after intense yoga session, or for meditation will keep you warm and well. Made by community cooperative members who crochet from their homes in India. The co-op provides education, savings and loan programs, free medical care, and promotes anti-dowry advocacy.
  • Bloom Now Luxury Authenticity Flower Essence Yes, yes, yes! More of that authentic you, please. (See instructions on how to use on your bottle) Flower essences are a gift from the earth, vibrating with the precise pitch (or “Hz” if you’re familiar with that) that the human body needs to be vibrating at for vibrant, joyful health. Wild Authenticity enhances fearlessness, creative self-expression, courage, outrageous confidence, embracing your true self, magnetic attraction, fun, happiness, juicy transformation, and intense gratitude. Read more about herbalist Caitlyn's healing journey with flower essences at
  • Buddha Tea Light |  Focus on the form of Lord Buddha and the candlelight to remind you of your true self. Let your authenticity shine! 

Items come in our exclusive BuddhiBox printed drawstring bag with quote.

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