How crystals can promote emotional healing

 Crystal healing is an ancient natural therapy that taps into the power of crystals to heal both the body and mind.

Practitioners believe that crystals have vibrational energy that can work within our own energies to remove blocks and bring about healing both physically and emotionally.

Crystals can be used by a professional therapist in a private healing session, or by the individual at home. In a professional session, stones are usually placed around the patient by the therapist who chooses the stones based upon the symptoms that the patient reports. When used by the individual at home, crystals can be purchased online or in many new age shops, and many people report benefits from carrying or meditating with crystals, or even from simply having them placed around the house to impart ‘good vibes.’
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Why are Crystals Beneficial?

Fans of crystals report that a healing session either with a practitioner or in the comfort of their own home can bring about a great feeling of relaxation, well being and balance, both physically and mentally. Many people carry crystals or wear jewellery made from particular stones especially for the benefits that the crystals provide, and as there are no side effects from crystal healing, it can be safely used with other therapies.

What Emotional Issues can Crystals Help With?

Emotional issues form as a result of the emotions being out of balance. As crystals work to bring balance to the body’s energy systems and emotions they can be of great help in emotional healing for a wide range of emotional problems. These often include stress, anxiety and emotions surrounding loss and grief.
Crystals to Help with Anxiety and Stress
• Blue Lace Agate – Hold and meditate with these stone to relieve stress.
• Jet – Carried and held for protection and to release negative emotions.
• Black Tourmaline – At times of anxiety hold and picture your anxiety being sucked into the stones.
Crystals for Love and Heartbreak
• Rose Quartz – Connected to the heart chakra, carry to help raise self-esteem and bring comfort after a breakup. Also said to attract love.
• Lapis Lazuli – Carry to bond relationships and assist in expressing feelings.
• Rhodonite – Hold to heal emotional shock and panic, stimulates the heart chakra.
Crystals to Help with Loss and Bereavement
• Amethyst – Known as the ‘master healer’ Amethyst helps alleviate sadness and grief and offers protection and comfort. Carry with you or hold during meditation.
• Carnelian – Gives strength during difficult times and also assists in dealing with anger and resentment, it can be carried with you or held during meditation.
• Moonstone – Hold or carry to help with feelings of disassociation and numbness. Stabilises and brings calm when overcome with emotion.
If you are struggling with emotional issues, it’s always a good idea to see your doctor as your first port of call. The good news though, is that crystal healing can work alongside any traditional or alternative therapies to gently support you in your recovery and emotional healing because there are no medications involved and no side effects.
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