How Healing Salt Caves can help reduce stress

Healing Salt Caves Improve Stress and Mend Respiratory Illness Symptoms

If you own a salt lamp, you’re well on your way to removing negative ions from your body and surrounding environment. Salt lamps and salt caves are making a dramatic mark on the holistic wellness realm.

Niagara Falls Healing Salt Caves are in popular demand. Located in a cave etched into Niagara Falls, the salt cave is nestled within enclosed spaces fill with nutrient rich walls. An overwhelming sense of a deep inner sanctum consumes each visitor.

Salt caves are no new healing method. While they are becoming a popular summer destination, Halotherapy or Speleotherapy (therapeutic exposure to salt air) have been practiced since the dawn Speleotherapy is said to be a natural cure to common respiratory illnesses, skin disorders, allergies, fatigue and stress, sleep disorders, sinus and ear infections, colds and flus, asthma, cystic fibrosis, sore throats and more.

When it began

The history behind salt stems back to 14th-century Poland, where salt was mined for use and trade. In the city of Wieliczka, large salt mines were developed using what we would consider the more traditional methods of mining (the kind that was believed to cause respiratory trouble). Natural preserving techniques allowed for the salt chemical characteristics to remain deep within the cave. In an interesting twist, a physician in Poland discovered that almost no mine workers were developing lung diseases or other respiratory problems.

This revolutionary idea led German scientist Dr. Karl Hermann Spannegal to believe that salt caves could (and most likely would) help heal patients who are suffering respiratory ailments. The movement of using salt caves as a healing mechanism spread across Europe.

Today, salt caves are making their way to North America.

A typical session in a healing salt cave looks a little something like this:

Photo by Asheville Healing Salt Caves

About 45 minutes in the cave for a relaxation and detox period. No special clothing, glasses or preparation is required.

Does it work?

Salt caves do have a pretty remarkable track record. Salt in general has been known to provide healing affects. Himalayan salt being the prime example. Benefits of Himalayan Salt include weight loss, detox, and balanced hormones. The type of salt does matter. Traditional table salt is far from a healing salt. It is so bleached and processed that is offers little to no healing cellular benefits.

Bring salt therapy home.

Bring salt therapy home with co-pur lavender lime sea salt body polish.

That being said, a 2006 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that inhaling high concentrations of saline improved lung function in individuals battling cystic fibrosis.

Another study showed similar benefits to cigarette smokers. In 2006, the European Respiratory Journal published a study claiming cigarette smokers who inhaled aerosolized salt had improved symptoms such as coughing and mucus production.

Salt caves may not make their way to traditional doctor’s offices, but they are demanding to be practiced with individuals who seek alternative healing methods.

For a list of salt caves in your area, visit us-salt-caves

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