Katie B’s tips on prepping for Wanderlust 108

Tips from Katie B on prepping for a new triathlon experience: Wanderlust 108 

– Prioritizing slow, good food over fast run times. This is the mini-triathlon for you if you’re a beginner or just enjoy running. You’ll see more people cheering the walkers on, and you’ll be energized by the community encouragement.

– Dress creatively and expressively! You’ll be surrounded by like-minded individuals who are coming out to better themselves and better the world. Express yourself with face paint or fun running, yoga, and fun after yoga outfits. Layer well, and make sure you can dance in your after yoga outfit.

– Show up early and be in the energy. It’s not often you get all these amazing healthy, happy people together in one place. Arrive early to park, hang out at the start line of the race, and soak up all the great connections you can make.

– Be ready to connect. Invest in a quality fanny pack so you can take items such as your phone for picture taking, and bringing along business cards to connect.

– Skip the coffee. You’ll start this day with such a runner’s high, that there’s no need. Plus, meditations are harder with a runner’s high plus caffeine.

– Burn to build an appetite. The run followed by a spectacular yoga class will make your stomach ready for the fantastic food and sponsors available at the event. Tons of local food and craft vendors are there to nourish your soul.

– Try at least one new thing. There’s going to be acro yoga, hooping, dance parties and more happening, so make yourself a promise to try at least one new thing that day. You’ll be surprised what unbelievable things are in store.

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