My Life as An Intuitive Healer & Higher Self Exercise

Intuition is something that we are all created with no matter who or where we are in life, we have it. We have known not to do something because it just didn’t feel right.  You may have heard intuition called love at first sight, inner guidance, or gut feeling.  If everyone has intuition, why am I different? I really am not that different than you the only difference between myself and maybe someone else is that I have trained myself to use my intuition.  Anyone of us can do this, if we so desire.

As I said before we are all intuitive.  I figured this out at a very young age along with some other abilities that I have.  The earliest memory that I have of realizing I was different was when I told my mother at eight years old that “I can talk to God.”  Upon hearing this she gave a nod, and told me to say a prayer for her.  She did not doubt me or tell me that I was speaking nonsense.  She simply left it alone, and I always thought it was normal to speak to that voice inside ourselves.  The connection never really disappeared as it does for so many us when we find out our imaginary friends, or fairy tales aren’t real.

During my childhood I had these gut feelings often. Working with kids, I have learned children are very good at trusting their instincts. They just need someone to explain it to them, so that they never blur this connection.  I learned to listen to God, and my intuition at a young age.  It saved me many times throughout my life.  I could see images of things that were going to happen before they occurred. I knew things that I shouldn’t just by listening to that inner voice and trusting it. I thought it was normal to see images in our heads, and listen to the guidance within. This I learned later was my psychic abilities.

During my teen years I was often awaken my noises, bright lights, voices or someone brushing against my skin. It sounds like the worst horror movie ever.  I was in high school having my parents come into my room to search for the boogie man.  I didn’t realize at the time what was happening. I didn’t quite figure things out until my thirties.  The years went on, and being awaken by spirit was always an off and on affair.  After I had my first child, the spirits tuned into my dreams and messages began to be delivered.   I knew a family member had passed and I knew I wasn’t supposed to be seeing them, as clearly as I would watch a movie on T.V. My dreams also turned into visions or also known as premonitions.  I could accurately and clearly see something before it occurred. It was more than Deja vu where we feel like we have said or done something. A premonition is when you actually watch it, remember it and are a part of it at times. It feels at times like an out of body experience. I learned from these premonitions many different things.

I quickly understood that these were more than just some dreams. I began to seek answers.  During the visits of loved ones, they would give me messages to pass along.  I found creative ways to do this as I didn’t want anyone to know that I was speaking to a dead person.  I learned however, to trust what I heard and saw and began to question everything that religion taught me and what I thought I believed.  I knew what I was seeing was real and what I was doing was real.

The nightly visits became more frequent and I didn’t know how to control it any longer.  The spirits were messing with my electronics, waking me up every night. Most of them to be honest were not what I wanted to speak too. I was heavily involved in the church and I was very confused because of their teachings with this.  I found my way somehow to a Reiki healer she told me I was very gifted and I begged for her to take it away.  She did just that.  The positive side is that, I slept fine for quite a couple of months. The down part was that I felt like part of me was missing and it was unexplainable.  Spirits can be crafty and cunning they soon started to bother my children. I started to watch my oldest child go through the same anxieties and fears that I did at his age.  Now, I became a protective mother and knew I had to figure this out.

This time I found a new healer.   When I first met my soon to be teacher, she said the same thing as the last person that “I was gifted.” (A note… I do not like this word very much as I feel that everyone has abilities and it’s not a gift really.)   This amazing new healer did something different than the last healer she opened me up again to my abilities and offered me a chance to understand them.  She taught me how to protect myself from bad spirits.

I was soon taking her Reiki 1 class and fell in love.  I started practicing Reiki daily on myself and animals.  I loved the feeling, connecting with creator every day and learning how to tell what is good and what is not. I was learning to understand energy and how to clear it.  After taking her Reiki 2 class, I quit my preschool teacher job and knew in my heart that this was what I was meant to do.  I now am a Reiki Master, own my own business and get to help people every day.

The beauty of what I do isn’t that I am this healer and you are healed!  It is that I get to help you learn how to heal yourself. I tell my clients often that I am only the facilitator between your guides, higher self and you.  We are all made with these amazing gifts inside us.  We have everything we need inside ourselves to heal ourselves!  The power we have within is more imaginable than anything we can ever imagine.  I love, love to help people find this and open them up to their full potential! To let go of all that we hold on to from things that have happened to us, or not happened to us, old flames that we have had. It is such a blessing helping people create happiness; remove blocks from your life purpose and goals, to release all that energy that we keep inside because we just don’t know what to do with it.

This day in age more and more people are coming into realization that there is something bigger happening.  They are realizing that they are a part of this, and a lot of them have no idea what to do about it.  You reading this article are showing that you understand that, and know this deep within.  Keep listening to yourself; learn to trust what your intuition is showing you. You are bigger, brighter and more amazing than you give yourself credit for.  We all need help remembering this at time, realigning ourselves and I would love to help you.

Intuition and Higher Self Exercise

  1. Close your eyes. Breathe in through your nose and out your mouth, three times.
  2. Ask that your awareness be brought back into you. Do not question what you are seeing or where your awareness is going.  You may see a little version of yourself, or feel yourself being pulled into your heart or head. Just allow it to come back. Bringing back our awareness helps us to feel more focused, and centered.
  3. Ask that divine light begin to fill up your body. Imagine an amazing pure sparkly white light, pour into the top of your head. Let this divine light fill every inch of your body. Keep breathing and take your time.
  4. Ask that your higher self, shows you what their energy feels like. Tell them to gently touch your heart. You will begin to feel a shift happening. You may feel lighter, brighter or bigger.  Do not question the shift, embrace it. This is just another aspect of you.  Our higher self helps to guide us throughout our life.  It is a part of that gut feeling that we feel.  (If you are having trouble connecting with your higher self. Ask that anything that is causing you blocks to connecting with your higher self be removed.  Imagine a treasure chest in front of you, and anything that is blocking you will be sent inside this chest. Close the lid, once it’s full; imagine a bright ray of light in front of you and push it into it.
  5. Now that we are connected to our higher self, ask your higher self to show you how you see, feel, or hear your intuition. We are all different and this varies from person to person.
  6. Ask creator to remove all blocks that have been self-inflicted, or inflicted by others that may be blocking me from seeing, hearing or feeling my intuition.
  7. Imagine a swirling pink light begin to come through the top of your head, let it fill every part of your body. You may sense, or see things flying off of you. You may feel lighter. Let this pink light fill you and do not over analyze it.

You are now completely cleared, and protected. You are ready to begin to listen and to understand yourself at a deeper level. You may sit in this beautiful clear space for as long as you like. Namaste

Guest post by Isable Franke.
Facebook: @islahealing

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