Living a Balanced Life as an Army Veteran Yogi

I feel extremely honored to be invited to guest blog on Buddhibox. As a blogger and writer, I found myself struggling to anchor down a specific direction for this guest post. When I saw this month’s spotlight charity, Shelter to Soldiers, I knew I had been given an intuitive nudge in the right direction.

Hi, my name is Brittany. I am a U.S. Army Veteran and a yoga instructor. I am the author of the inspirational blog Living a Balanced Life in Texas, where I encourage others to find and maintain balance in their own life.

My Mantra for life has always been: “Yoga is for everyone.” There are countless benefits achieved from the mere practice of yoga, especially for Veterans. Soldiers experience so much stress and physical exertion on a daily basis that I personally believe Yoga should be included as part of their physical fitness routine from the very beginning of their training.

Since trauma lies in the Trinity (body, mind, and spirit), a holistic approach to fitness and wellness is needed to achieve balance throughout all aspects of life. By introducing mindful yoga practice to the daily routine of soldiers and veterans around the world, transitioning and re-connecting with society and ones self will become an easy, beneficial process for all involved. Yoga reminds us that we are in the present moment, it allows us the freedom to be comfortable in our own skin.

Benefits of Yoga include an endless array of modified poses that are beneficial for every injury, disability or situation. Yoga promotes focus and meditation to reduce stress, depression, anxiety as well as PTSD. Science and modern medicine are still discovering the incredible benefits that Yoga has to offer.

I speak from experience. As an Army Veteran, I know what it’s like to attempt to live a normal life after suffering a debilitating injury. My injury occurred during basic training. This injury kept me from going past my AIT (Advanced Individual Training) and I found that no matter how much I pushed my self I simply could not get to the next level of advancement I so strongly desired.

After discovering yoga and applying the amazing benefits to my personal journey in life, I’ve come to accept the fact that my body has limits. And I am finally at a point in my life where I can step back and say “That’s okay.” I began asking the question- How can I alter the activities I want to include in my life to fit my personal experience?

Once you learn to quiet your mind through the various Yoga poses and breathing exercises, your stress begins to melt away and you will begin to awaken to a new perspective on life. “I can do it, I can alter my activities to accommodate my limits.” That is such an amazing and rewarding feeling.

You might be wondering, how can someone who has suffered debilitating injuries, teach others yoga? Through the process of Yoga, I have learned, acknowledged and owned my personal limitations. I modify the poses to fit my needs. I am currently teaching a beginner Yoga class which is something I’ve always dreamed of. In class, I am able to accommodate each student individually, based on their own personal needs. We have even started creating our own Yoga Salutations that benefit the entire class as a whole.

So next time you are heading to Yoga class, invite a friend who is a soldier or veteran; the benefits and boost to confidence they receive could help them in more ways than either of you could ever know.

Everytime you purchase a BuddhiBox, we donate proceeds to a charity, like Shelter to Solider who saves two lives at a time by rescuing dogs from shelters and training them to be therapy dogs for soldiers suffering from PTSD. Sign up for a subscription HERE.

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