Mantras of Inspirational Yogis

They are part of our Instagram yoga tribe and you follow them #everydamnday. They are graceful, kind, unique, and inspirational. BuddhiBox is grateful to have them as part of our Buddhi ambassador community and we want to share these beautiful yogis and their mantras with you.

“Everything happens for a reason”
Amelia Taylor, Mum and Yogi. @yog_a_melia


“She believed she could, so she did.”
Cheyenne Abolt, Yogi and Blogger. @happyhealthyexistence

“Happiness never decreases by being shared.” -Buddah
Jos & KK, Yogis and Life Enthusiasts. @om_girls

“I live today as if I don’t have tomorrow.”
Katie Burke, Teacher and Ambassador. @katiebhappyy

“I am my own experiment. I am my own work of art.”
Kelly Henderson, Yogi and Herbalist. @kelty808

“I am unlimited in all facet of my life.”
Agnes Muljadi, Ballerina and Yogi. @artsyagnes

Photo cred: : Brienne Michelle Photography for TOMS
MUA: Elegance by Alex

“I bend so I don’t break”
Brianne Freeman, Gymnast and Yogi. @yogi.bree

“Choose Life Warrior. To choose a life filled with happiness whatever that means in the moment.”
Danielle Galvin, Advocate for helathy body image and self love. @chooselifewarrior


“I bend so I don’t break”- Ghandi
Kim Bauman, Yoga Teacher and Non-Profit Founder. @theonelovemovement

Hope these ladies inspire you as much as they inspire me! Please stay connected with them on IG and learn more about their mission. Oh and we would love to hear what mantra you live by. Share your mantra with us in the comments below. Namaste.

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With Kindness,
Yogi, Yoga Teacher & Founder of BuddhiBox

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