Meet our October Charity – The Circuelle Foundation

BuddhiBox was founded on the mantra of discovery, union, and compassion — therefore, we are honored to introduce our October product partner and nonprofit beneficiary, Circuelle Foundation, an organization of women sharing similar principles.

The elegant white and pink tube you received in your October BuddhiBox is Circuelle Foundation’s Breast Ritual Creme – Healthy Ritual Starter. Designed to support breast awareness, Breast Ritual Creme is a luxurious, aromatic blend of organic ingredients and essential oils crafted to strengthen healthy breast rituals. Connecting with Circuelle Foundation founder and creative dreamer, Melissa Kirkpatrick and Leann Spofford, it quickly became evident that the Breast Ritual Creme – Healthy Ritual Starter you received is indeed a starter on your path to knowing your breasts.

The Breast Ritual Creme manifested from Melissa’s experience with a breast lump. Melissa was fortunate, her dad was a surgeon and he taught her the importance of self-awareness from an early age. While performing a self-breast exam, Melissa discovered a lump. Over the phone, her words viscerally rolled as she described her experience with a breast lump, the creation of the Circuelle Foundation, and its evolution. The Breast Ritual Creme metamorphosed into healthy breast ritual empowerment and education for women and girls of all ages.

Circuelle evolved from the creme to the dynamic foundation it is today as Melissa began to connect with women and girls to spread her message of breast awareness. Through conversations, she identified a need for further breast education and empowerment. She explained how many women were unfamiliar with their breast anatomy and the many things they can do to strengthen the health of their breast and to reduce their risk of breast cancer.

Collaborating with Leann, Leeanne Moody, Abigail Decou, and countless other talented women, through the Circuelle Foundation, Melissa created:

• Beautiful Awareness™ -the most vital healthy ritual for breast health
• HealthyRituals – 9 healthy rituals to lower your risk of breast cancer
• Circuelle Ambassador Program – to educate women and support the mission
• Know Your Breasts — An interactive digital health program and app launching October 2015! Signup up for their newsletter here for release updates!


Beautiful Awareness empowers all women with information on family genetics, early detection, and breast awareness. Melissa believes it’s never too early to learn about your breasts. Healthy Rituals are 9 holistic mind and body rituals that support breast awareness, health, and disease prevention for women of all ages. To learn more and support Melissa and the Circuelle Foundation, you can get involved as a Circuelle Ambassador, investigate the comprehensive information located on their website, and through connecting with their social channels!

Melissa and the Circuelle Foundation family want to inspire you to feel comfortable with your body. Join us for our instagram challenge, October 1-16, to connect with other women encouraging breast health education with healthy rituals: #healthyrituals #beautifulawareness #breasthealth #knowyourbreasts

As you apply your decadent Breast Ritual Creme – Healthy Ritual Starter take a moment to consider your relationship with your breast. Then, check in with the Circuelle Foundation to establish your healthy rituals for lifelong breast health.

Questions and Answers with the Circuelle Foundation

1) How did Circuelle Foundation find its start? and,
2) How long has the foundation been active?

The foundation was created simultaneously when the creme was launched, in October 2012. In late 2014, it was clear to us that our primary focus had shifted. The women we interacted with daily, wanted information; details about their breast health and what they could do to lower their risk for breast cancer. We wanted to give them that. So it was at that point we decided to direct all our resources and efforts to the foundation, defining its path of educating women about their breast health.

3) What is Circuelle Foundation mission?

Our mission is to empower and educate women to know their breasts, support healthy breast rituals, and feel comfortable with their body. We call that Beautiful Awareness.

4) What community does your foundation serve?

We have big arms with a long reach. We are very involved in our local community of Sarasota, Florida, and have specific educational goals for our county and for the state. But we have touched women in all parts of the United States, and even as far aways as Australia!

5) What services does Circuelle Foundation provide?

Our goal is to educate women about their breast health. More specifically, we want to reach young women too, as they are becoming independent and making decisions about their life and how they live it. We want to arm them with good, factual information about breast health at a time in their lives that, if they adopt it – they will lower their risk for breast cancer.

6) Where is Circuelle Foundation headed? What does your future hold?

We think big. Women everywhere need to increase their breast awareness. We do not see borders of states or countries as an obstacle. Our outstanding and unique digital platform to teach women about breast health and the healthy rituals they should be incorporating into their lives can be delivered across the world with a touch of a button….resulting in one more woman educated about how to lower her risk for breast cancer.

7) How can women get involved?
–Come to our website and sign up to become an Ambassador, where you can be taught how to present the healthy rituals and self breast exam to women in your area.
-Download our app (available in October) to be connected to our digital interactive self-exam and healthy ritual reminders
-Sign up for our healthy challenges on our facebook, twitter, and instagram pages

8) What can young women do RIGHT NOW to support their breast health.

They can learn how to do their self-exam, and do it. Today.
They can choose one, then another, then another, of our healthy rituals that lowers breast cancer risk, and adopt it in their lifestyle. Today.
They can follow us on social media and keep up to date on the latest breast health information.
FB – Circuelle Foundation
Twitter and Instagram – @Circuelle

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