Meet the Designer – IndoLove Jewelry

BuddhiBox is excited to feature IndoLove Jewelry in our May Jewelry BuddhiBox. Our jewelry box ships quarterly and features local, made in the USA jewelry designers.

IndoLove was created by San Diego yogini Keely Rogers. Her artisan pieces are handmade with intention, love, and a wanderlust spirit.The unique designs are truly inspired by the yoga lifestyle. Not only a neighbor but a good friend, Keely agreed to sit down with me for a quick Q & A interview session, to share her story with the BuddhiBox community. Enjoy!

Describe Indo-Love in 3 words: Inspiring. Vibrant. Positive.

When did you start Indo-Love and what motivated you to become a jewelry designer? I started Indo-Love in 2011, after many years of travelling the world & buying/selling jewelry & clothes to pay for my trips. I’ve always enjoyed a good story behind what you buy, as the things with meaning are the ones you remember for years to come. One day on a trip to Bali, I decided I wanted to start bringing more meaning into what I was wearing, and make my own pieces. I’ve always understood the importance of positive affirmations and have been drawn to the many benefits of wearing gemstones, and Indo-Love was born.

Did you Always Have an interest in jewelry design? No! Although my degree is in International Business, so I did always know I would be doing something on a global scale. Right now, Indo-Love is sold internationally online, and available in shops in the U.S., Canada and Australia. I’m what you call a self-taught jewelry designer, after years of trial and error, watching You-Tube videos, and just following my heart.

So what is your heart calling you towards now? Anything specific you are working on right now? Well, I’m a Gemini, so what am I NOT working on right now 😉

Ha, true story. Do you have a favorite piece? I personally love anything with color. It makes me happy! Especially turquoise, sea greens and sea foam colors that remind me of the ocean, and are so serene. I guess my favorite piece at the moment is the Gold Wave Chrysoprase Necklace. I love that you can just slip it over your head and it’s easy to layer with! I wear mine with another favorite, The One Love Gold Bar Necklace.

What inspires you and how do you remain inspired? On the business side of things, my boyfriend, Steve, who is a serial entrepreneur and a Godsend to me, constantly inspires me. With my jewelry creations, it’s easy to be inspired when you’re working with so many positive, uplifting mantras, colors & gemstones. It seems like every time I start feeling overwhelmed, someone reaches out and let’s me know how much a certain piece of Indo-Love jewelry has resonated with them, and the story behind it, and I am reminded why I do what I do. That will never get old.

You have traveled a lot. Where has been your favorite place and do any specific places have a greater influence on your work? That’s a tough one! My beloved Nana started me on the travel journey when I was 12 years old, taking me along on a journey to 7 countries in Western Europe. I’ve never looked back. Each place I have visited has added so much joy and perspective to my life. I guess Bali has been the one to influence my jewelry the most, as it seamlessly blends some of my favorite things, the Ocean and yoga. Bali is such a majestically land with an energy I passionately crave.

Wow, I had no idea you started traveling so young. What a blessing! What is your biggest life lesson so far? I’ve learned to never go at anything alone. We are each here on this Earth with our own individual purpose. Trust and faith are important. We inspire each other, bringing love and support, instead of competition and jealousy. Life is an ebb & flow, give and receive, and when we realize that, beauty forms and that’s what makes the world go around.

So true, I love that. And that is why I found you, my friend. Last question. Share with us what is your mantra? Well, my mantras change, according to what serves me in the moment, as I’m sure they do for everyone. Regardless, this quote from Mother Theresa is in the back of my mind at all times: “Spread love wherever you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”

Thanks to Keely for being such an inspiration to me and always keeping me beautifully accessorized. I have to say that the pieces featured in the May Jewelry BuddhiBox are so amazing, I have not taken them off. I am so excited to send these boxes out. Do I really need to wait until the 10th? These unique pieces will not only keep you inspired but also make you feel pretty and loved.

We carry IndoLove’s silk wrap bracelets at our web store, so check them out. Namaste Buddhis.

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