4-Pack Crystal Packs


Each set has a 4 pack of stones labeled/identified with an intention. These are perfect for gift giving.

Aura Cleansing Set to keep your energy field cleared and balanced. 4 pack crystals include fluorite, tourmalinated quartz, amethyst, clear quartz.

Moon mama set is the perfect nurturing crystal set for new moms. 4 pack crystals include shungite, moonstone, bloodstone, and green aventurine.

Namaste set is full of love and light. 4 pack crystals include apophyllite, raw selenite, desert rose, and clear quartz.
Prosperity Set to channel the unique, magical divine wishing you! created to help attract abundance and success into your life. 4 pack crystals include of citrine, pyrite, emerald, clear quartz.

Unicorn Set 4 pack Crystal pack of howlite, lepidolite, fuchsite, fluorite.

Wonder woman set is the perfect set for strength, willpower confidence, & focus. Your crystal pack of tigers eye, hematite, red jasper, jet.

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