Blessed Sun Lower Chakras BuddhiBox


This lower chakra box is a joyful celebration of the first through third chakras, sacred energy centers that pertain to confidence, pleasure and power. Root to Rise! You are brilliant as 1000 suns, this box and it’s gifts are your little reminders! There’s also food and drink to nourish your belly after a yoga session. Several products were made by women-owned businesses in the US. And all items come inside a cotton drawstring bag printed with an uplifting quote.

Box Includes:
– Gypsy Soul Organics Moon Floral Solid Perfume: Blossoming with ylang ylang, jasmine, rose and lavender flowers with rays of soothing sweet orange peel. Perfect balancing scent for your lower chakra yoga or meditation practice.
– BuddhiBox Faceted Dyed Jade Lower Chakras Radiance Charm Bracelet: Each color represents the three lower chakras 1) Red,muladhara or root chakra 2) Orange, swadishthana or pelvic chakra 3) Yellow, manipura or solar plexus chakra
– BuddhiBox “Fire Opal” Sun Necklace: Symbolizing the solar plexus and the power we radiate everyday!
– Himalayan Pink Popcorn: We included a little bonus snack for yogis on the go – just three pure ingredients – organic popcorn, organic coconut oil and himalayan pink salt. Yummm!
– BuddhiBox Sun Salutation Reference Card: Let the images of the flow of sun salutation guide your practice effortlessly.
– Sunshine In A Bottle Essential Oil Blend: Enjoy the invigorating citrus aroma of this blend whenever you need a boost in energy or to feel uplifted as it simulates the vibrant energy of the Sun. Apply around your naval to activate your solar plexus center. Infused with calendula petals, citrine and clear quartz crystals for added benefits.
– Vadham Tea Sampler
– Movemints: These refreshing mints are sugar free and sweetened with Xylitol to promote oral health while they freshen breath and fight dry mouth. Great for a dehydrating workout or practice on the mat.

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