Crescent Moon Dish Set


For the moon worshipper that wants to bring a piece of her brilliance home. Our crescent moon dish set is perfect to hold your jewelry or sacred trinkets. Sets comes with a 4″ Crescent Moon Dish,  1.5″ Mini Moon Dish, and choice of healing stone set.

Attract Love Stones include raw mini garnets, polished rose quartz heart, raw tanzurine. All stone promote opening of the the heart chakra.

Aura Cleansing include a selenite stick and hematite stone. Selenite crystals can help to remove energy blockages in the body and hematite can aid in dispelling negative, lower energies.

Dream Stones include angelite, clear quartz, and hematite. Angelite is a stone for peace and psychic healing, hematite brings stability, and clear quartz can bring your mind to higher states of awareness.

Master Healing Stones include citrine, clear quartz, and malachite. Citrine is the stone of personal power, malachite is the stone of transformation, clear quartz is known as the master healing stone.

Please note: occasionally we substitute stones with similar properties, for example a quartz crystal for a quartz stone.

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