Elephant Make a Wish Bracelet

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Before you open this special gift, close your eyes and make a wish. Send the energy for STRENGTH to the wearer it brings!

May this Elephant remind you that you can overcome any obstacle that comes your way. Wear your wish everyday, and when the pendant drop your wish may come true.


Waxed cotton cord measures approximately 12″ and makes a great bracelet or anklet. Sent to you with a slip knot for easy removal. But you can permanently wear it by removing the slip-knot and just doing a double knot and cutting off the excess cord.

Available in midnight (gray) only.



Elephant make a wish bracelet is made from waxed cotton cord and makes a great bracelet or anklet.

1 review for Elephant Make a Wish Bracelet

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    This is such a simple and beautiful bracelet! The charm is delicate, yet the message is so huge and empowering. This is a perfect reminder of the eternal, unfailing spirit in all of us.

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