Ganesha 108 Mala Necklace


Ganesha is a Hindu diety known for removing obstacles.

Dalmatian stone is a stone that aids you to break down barriers that you have created as protection around yourself. It brings out the child-like nature within us all, strengthening our spirit and encouraging a sense of playfulness. The black spots on the stone are Black Tourmaline.

Black Tourmaline is a protective stone which repels and blocks negative energies. It can aid you with spiritual grounding and psychic protection.

Our 108 Ganesha mala is perfect for removing obstacles and boundaries, so you are able to connect to your highest purpose.
Created with
  • 108 Dalmation Stone beads and onyx jade beads
  • Black Tourmaline guru bead
  • Ganesha charm

Comes with a palo santo cleansing stick.

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