Self Love/Self Care BuddhiBox


You deserve love. You deserve care. This box says I love and care about me! Your cotton bag printed with an uplifting quote comes filled with bath and beauty products; many made by small women-owned businesses in the US. This box says “I matter. I’m gonna take some time for me!

Your box includes:
All Natural Entyze Rosé Hydrating Face Mist (This mist is soooo authentic smelling!)
Crystal Clean Skincare Green Smoothie Mask
PlantLife Uplift Essential Oil (We looove this oil at BuddhiBox)
Masigi Oil Pulling Packets (It’s not necessarily sexy, but it’s definitely some of the best we’ve ever tried!)
Kiss Me Honey Coconut Lip Balm (Yummmm)
Namaste/AUM Symbol Grip Toe Socks
Nourish you Heart Trio of Healing Stones (comes with adventurine, moss green agate, rose quartz and a card listing the qualities of the sacred healing stones)
Yoga Pose Card
Uplifting Quote Card

This box just keeps on giving love and care: the scents from almost everything, the nourishing touches from the pulling oil, mask, and lip balm, and the cute little socks. This BuddhiBox says, I honor you. I love you. I care about you.

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