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Chakra Healing Box

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Our Chakra Healing box is a perfect gift for your friends or family who are beginners or well versed in the chakra system,and also need a little pampering. 

The  items in this box, were chosen to illuminate one's practice and shift your vibration.

Sourced from Indie US women-owned businesses, and artisans from an Indian co-op are sending some gratitude to those who purchase and enjoy their products today.)

This box includes:

  • The Master Chakra Integration Technique with Crystals Online Course and Poster | Enjoy the radiant presence of Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Master Healer (in many modalities) Victoria Vives-Khoung as she teaches you about the chakra system. Victoria is also the teacher of the Online Crystal Healer Course.
  • Rose Quartz Heart | Who can have too many of these beautiful reminders of the vibrational essence of the heart? Use this heart to enhance you experience as you learn chakra techniques in Victoria's online course.
  • Nosey Aroma Memory Kit | Complete with a volcanic rock bracelet, yoga essential oil blend and encouraging instructions. Maintain a positive state on the go! Yoga essential oil custom formula was created to help align the mind and body by encouraging a sense of inner peace and gentle intention. Roll some on your bracelet and you're good to go!
  • Pair of Cards from Artist Lila Galindo | $15.00 Lila says: "Both cards represent the dynamism of change. The lotus card speaks to the layering of the visible and invisible, the dance between light and the shadows of light. The moon dance card evokes the solitary mystery and magic of transformation, and celebrates the spirit of the graceful and fearless solitary dancer." The lotus card is a representation of the 7th chakra.
  • Gypsy Soul Organics Facial Toner Spray | Elevate your mood in an instant as needed, with this clarifying and revitalizing spritzer! Good for dry, combination, oily, and blemish prone complexions. Shake before using.
  • Nature Derived Hair Spray | This is a non-toxic + chemical free hairspray that holds your locks in place, during an intense yoga session or on the go. All ingredients are "nature derived."

All items come inside a printed, drawstring bag with quote.

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