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Heart Chakra Box

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We chose the items in this box, to give you or a loved one a deeper connection with the heart chakra. This energetic center is the bridge between the material and spiritual world, it is vast and invites exploration! 

Your products are sourced from US women-owned businesses, and artisans from a woman-owned co-op in India.

This box includes:

  • Zen and Meow Heart Chakra Grid | Made by a woman-owned business in the US, place the accompanying crystals on the grid to create intention and elevate the energy of the heart.
  • Crystal Collection (crystals will vary) | A radiant set of crystals and power stones to utilize with your grid.
  • Me Time Botanical Salty Vibes in the Buff Body Scrub | Scented with lavender, rose and sweet orange, this organic scrub leaves your skin exfoliated and moisturized! You can rejuvenate, heart and soul!
  • Soul Flower Love Sticker | As you soften deeper and higher into the heart, you'll choose love more and more. This sweet sticker is a friendly reminder and affirmation to choose love.
  • Oiliving Life Heart Chakra Spray | Scented with natural essential oils, this spritz helps purify your energy field, and supports your heart in remaining open throughout your day.

All items come inside a printed drawstring BuddhiBox backpack (image shows a smaller gift bag.)

A $100 value!

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