Self-Care. Self-Love. New Beginnings.

Hello Beautiful Ones,

I’m Jennifer the new Owner and CEO of BuddhiBox. I’m delighted, learning the heart of BuddhiBox and the values that Maxine set as the foundation for this amazing yoga and mindfulness company. Maxine grew BuddhiBox, something that invited her to create it, from an inspired idea into a thriving community and company in just a few years. She is a woman of power, vision and passion.

I can’t wait to see what’s next for Maxine! Please comment below to share your gratitude to her for curating your incredible subscription boxes, and to offer love and blessings to her for her journey ahead!

As you can imagine, probably from the fullness of you own life, I’m full to overflowing, with a great big learning curve before me. Sometimes I feel like I’m climbing that curve then it makes a little flip, like I’m climbing the inside of a crescent moon, and suddenly, with so much joy, the universe chuckles, waggles a finger, and says “nuh uh…” Then I go sliding down the curve half surprised, and more than a little bit humbled.

I am Humble. I am Kind. I am Lighthearted.

I’m starring in my own divine comedy! It’s how I survive—with a sense of humor and a return to the virtues. I may not be enlightened but I can cultivate humility, kindness and lightheartedness.

Set-backs, yes; breakthrough thinking and discoveries, yes. I’m here, body, mind and spirit, to sustain and continue to blossom the seeds that Maxine planted.

I feel and see a vision for BuddhiBox that will uplift the yoga and mindfulness community. We’re creating a vibe where we are responsible in a meaningful way for the abundance that we’ve received. (More on that to be revealed in the months to come.)

Self-Love. Self-Care.

This month, the month of love, the BuddhiBox community is rockin’ nourishment and self-care. Have you received your Yoga, Jewelry or BBEO (essential oils) subscription box?

Take time to be with the gifts you’ve received in your box. Did you gift them to yourself? Did someone who cares for and loves you gift them to you? May the items in your boxes nourish you deeply and inspire your own version of self-care and self-love.

At my house, I’m welcoming friends and family who are jumping in offering massages, bringing me fresh juices, and reminding me to stand and stretch, drink water, and to eat. Even Jazper, my dog, comes in my office and looks at me with his soulful eyes to remind me we both need some fresh air. We are all together in this.

Those soulful eyes.

Tectonic Shift

And so, I wander out the back door behind my pup, and gaze upon the little slice of heaven that is the urban garden that I share with other seekers on the spiritual path, and a sweet family with a newborn and two wee girls with sing-song voices and wide eyes of wonder. And the hummingbirds; mustn’t forget them.

Deep breaths. A reach for the sun. I feel it stirring within: we are all poised for something miraculous, a tectonic shift that will spread seeds of love and light to the world. Can you feel it?

So, let’s set our foundation, and focus on ourselves first. Sounds selfish, but it’s not. It took me a long time to start getting this one. We are here to serve. Our bodies and minds are our vehicles. We must take care.

Care to eat, drink, and breathe well. Yoga, meditation, biking, hiking, some good lovemaking. Laughter, time spent with people who “see” us, solitude, hugs and cuddles. Whatever it is for you, just do it! And while you do it, be in that moment, enjoy, and shower the people you meet with that energy that is uniquely and universally you.

We are in this together! Shine on BuddhiBox Beauties.

Changes Afoot

We have a lot of exciting changes, big and small, happening around here. Our global family is in our hearts everyday. We are working on our partnerships, our environmental footprint, and so much more. But be assured, the essence of what BuddhiBox is will remain intact. Your subscription boxes and your e-commerce store will be refreshed and renewed, but the roots of what Maxine has left us as her legacy will remain.

May your month be filled with little moments of internal love messaged to yourself, and with love acts to yourself and those around you. Let’s let our lights radiate, BuddhiBox Beauties! We are rising, lifting ourselves and others, and we do that from a strong foundation. Take care of you—and shine on, dear ones, shine on!

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Jennifer Mayfield is the new Owner and CEO of BuddhiBoxes. She first learned about Yoga from a friend and mindfulness teacher at her meditation center 20 years ago. She recognized a profound silence within when encouraged to “go deeper” in one of her first asana classes, while jackhammering pulsated outside in the parking lot.

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