Spring Ritual – Release and Let Go

Clutter? We all have items around our personal spaces that we no longer need. This year for me is all about creating space for simplicity, happiness, and clarity. I recently watched the minimalist (highly recommend) and it has inspired me to declutter my belongings for spring! When there are fewer items in your space; your mind becomes clearer. Here are a few tips that have helped me create a decluttered space and a simpler lifestyle.

release let go

Letting clothes go is difficult for almost everyone. The good news is the benefits of this will be worth it! This will require you to go through them multiple times. This method has left me with 129 items in my closet (prior: 232 items). The numbers illustrate that this method truly works! Set aside 3 bags that are labeled give to a friend, goodwill, or throw away.

The first time set a goal to fill a bag. When you look in your closet and see an item you haven’t worn in months, put it in a bag. If you are on the fence about an item put it in a separate pile.

The second time go through the items that you were on the fence about and try them on. If the item doesn’t excite you put it in one of the bags. This method definitely works so it can provide space for having less! Giving the items to a friend or family member was the first step I took to eliminate clothes in my closet.

The left over clothing items I put in the donation bag for goodwill. It provides less clutter and it gives to someone in need. Win win! The last bag is tough because sometimes it is difficult to throw things away! If these items are obviously worn out and wouldn’t be useful to someone else, throw them away. When going through your closet you will realize there are many items you don’t wear or can be thrown out.

Give away one item everyday for a week

This method is really rewarding and also fun! On a piece of paper write down Monday-Sunday. Start with your kitchenware products. Everyone I talk to has too many cups, multiple of one item, and the list goes on! Depending on what you have and could get rid of in the kitchen, each list will vary. The entire week could be getting rid of kitchenware and that’s totally ok! If this is the case, go through beauty products for the next week to help eliminate more items. Here is an example of my list:

monday- 4 wine glass set

tuesday- mixing bowl

wednesday- 5 tumblers

thursday- cutting board

friday- utenial set

saturday- 4 coffee mugs

sunday- tupperware set

Paper goods
Many of us have endless paper items such as magazines, mail, receipts, and books. Go through each and if it is over 6 months old throw it away. The chances of using the receipt or magazine again are highly unlikely. For me I love books and I want to create a library in my house one day. If there are books you haven’t read or want to get rid of some you can take them to used bookstores. Usually you can get some money back for them or get a gift card to use at another time. You can save it for a book that you really want to read instead of having numerous books you don’t use!

Beauty products
It’s definitely easy to hold on to beauty essentials. Use a product that you haven’t used in a few months. Try to get into a routine of this and it will eliminate products as you use them regularly. I personally used this method and it worked.  If there are products you no longer like, get rid of them.

Go to Trader Joes (best price for a pretty bouquet) or any grocery store close by and purchase a bouquet of flowers to put in your home. For one they are beautiful and you have worked really hard to create space for a more simple life. Reward yourself!

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