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Chaturanga 101

Chaturanga 101 with our guest blogger, Jasmine Christine. Chaturangas are a common transition for many Yoga classes especially Power Vinyasa classes or classes themed around Sun Salutations. Chaturangas are a high plank to mid-plank transition that calls upon …


Eat to Give Back

Are you ready to take on your week with full intention? So excited to introduce this week’s guest blogger – Natalie Khoo. A RD &  yoga teacher, Natalie shares with us how she lives her yoga in the …


Weekly Yoga Practice Playlist

  Here it is, the weekly BuddhiBox yoga playlist. This week I set my intention on trusting the Universe and honoring the moments of my past. I recognize how integral they were for my path, leading me to …


Yoga Playlist – Saltwater Flow

This week my yoga class theme is on the cleansing benefits of saltwater. A music junkie, I find that rhythm and vibrations from music help deepen my practice into an overall sensory experience. This week, we focus on …


Beauty product picks for Saucha living part 1

My intention for 2015 was to live more purely and incorporate the philosophy of saucha into every aspect of my life. This extended beyond cleanliness in the traditional translation, and included making better decisions about what I chose …


Weekly Yoga Playlist

Namaste beautiful buddhis. Many teachers, students, and friends ask me what music/songs are on my yoga playlist. So each week, I will share my playlist with you. It is sharing a piece of my yoga practice with you. Enjoy! …


BuddhiBhakti – Joanna McNelis’ story

                Namaste Buddhis. Very excited to start the BuddhiBhakti Blog series with the beautiful and radiant Joanna McNelis. Many know her as yogagoddess_jo on Instagram & Twitter. Her inspiring photos and …



            Namaste Buddhis! So excited to announce this new addition to the BuddhiBlog – BuddhiBkhakti. We all can remember how we started yoga and why. How the universe led us to our first …


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