The One Love Q&A

BuddhiBox is ecstatic to support The One Love Movement as November’s featured charity. 5% of proceeds generated through the sales of BuddhiBox will go to support at-risks and homeless kids. We caught up with the brilliant Buddhi, yoga teacher, and founder Kim Bauman, to ask some questions and learn a little more about her and the work she does.

Tell us a little about yourself, Kim:

Once upon a time I was an orphan in Korea. Today I am loved, blessed, and live a life of abundance. One Love is all about making a difference for kids who may not get the opportunity and love that I have been given through being adopted.


What is The One Love Movement?
The One Love Movement is a non-profit whose Mission is to inspire One Love across the globe & create one community that gives back through action.


How did One Love come into existence?
One Love was created back in 2011 when I did the Off the Mat into the World Global SEVA Challenge which is an organization founded by 3 influential yogis and their mission is to create leaders. The first One Love event was in 2011, we raised $21,000 in 6 months. Then I took the trip of my life to Haiti to with Off the Mat.  That was my first time being in an under-served community and seeing life outside of my bubble.  My world was rocked and I was humbled. I was completely inspired by the kids we met who had grown up in orphanages. I hit a wall and realized that could have been me. From once being an orphan in Korea and now getting to have the life I have from being adopted, I knew that I wanted to touch as many kids as possible in this life.


What do you think is the biggest challenge these kids face?
Opportunity, education, resources to stay healthy.


What are 3 things people can do to help?
Our One Love theme this year has been “If not you then who?”

  1. Be the change in your own community.
  2. Find what inspires you and if you’re not sure then just trust your heart and start taking steps forward that are an act in service to others.


What is coming up next for One Love? What initiatives are you working on?
One Love is going to India for a month this fall.  We will be working with various youth organizations in Rishikesh, then flying to South India to Bangalore to implement a yoga program with their street kids and human trafficking victims.

Serve Your Heart workshop is Dec. 2nd, 2014. We are partnering with Lululemon on a Serve Your Heart workshop which will be all about connecting to what inspires you and helping people design steps towards what they want in life.

“If not you then who?” scholarship, sponsored by Lululemon. The scholarship is for $1950 and will be given away to help support a community project that gives back.  Application deadline is Oct. 13, 2014.  Any interested peeps can email: [email protected] for the application.

We also have 2 events coming up in 2015.  We’ll host our first event ever in Los Angeles Spring 2015, and will hold our annual event once in San Diego late summer.

What inspires you?
People that don’t have to tell people how great they are. They are so connected to their truth that it radiates and you know without them saying anything that they are moving mountains.

Do you have a favorite quote?
“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

What do you love most about being a yoga instructor?
My yoga practice saves me over and over and over again. I love that I may be a guide for someone else how my teachers are for me.

What is your favorite yoga posture? Why?
Handstand even though I can’t quite do it without a wall yet.  Handstand is my favorite because it represents so much. It brings up my fears, struggles, and keeps me challenged daily.  It has me doubt myself, and I love that in order for me to achieve it I’m gonna have to be okay with falling and trust myself.  I also love this pose because it’s a major pose connected to the heart chakra.

What song is on your playlist, that you cannot get enough of?
Ong so Hung.  This song is about 22 minutes long and still gives me chills and I’ve heard it about 100 times by now 🙂

If you could go back to a place/time in your life and re-live it, what would it be and why?
I don’t really have anything.  I’m so excited about the unfolding of the present and the One Love vision that I’m on an edge of bliss for what’s to come.

In one word what is One Love?  OneLove 😉  Is that cheating?

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