Using Yoga to Beat Your Exam Stress

One of the most common problems students face while preparing for exams is that they are not able to memorize and retain what they are studying. This can be due to varying reasons such as decreased concentration, general lethargy, lack of sleep and diminished energy levels.  While it may not be easy to remain calm and focused when you have an important exam looming there are ways to keep your mind relaxed. Practicing yoga and meditation will not only sharpen your mind but will also improve your concentration and memory and relax your body.

A study conducted in 2013 by researchers from Wayne State University in Detroit found that a single session of Hatha yoga had the ability to drastically improve an individual’s speed and accuracy when tested on their concentration and working memory. Those who did yoga actually performed better than individuals who were sent on a 20 minute jog. With as little as 20 minutes of yoga a day a student can keep tension and pressure at bay and achieve the grades they achieve. The effectiveness of traditional study methods such as the use of carefully compiled practice tests can only be boosted by incorporating regular yoga and meditation sessions into the student’s routine.


Yoga to combat exam stress

A very common sight during exams is that of discouraged students that feel anxious and burned-out. This occurs due to poor energy management, necessitating the need to find a way to get your blood to pump through your body vigorously. The best way to achieve this is by engaging in two yoga techniques known as Surya Namaskar followed by the Pranayama.  

The Surya Namaskar is one of the most energizing yoga techniques and consists of 12 movements which helps influence the working of different organs and glands in the body.  With these movements you will re-energize your body and mind, improving it in terms of strength, flexibility and stability. You will benefit most from your Surya practices if you do at least 3 rounds every morning or evening before you start studying.  The Matsyasana, also known as the fish pose, aids blood circulation to the head and also relieve stress in the neck and back area which is usually caused by physical and mental stressors.  By performing these in close succession to each other you will reap the optimal benefits from them.  You do not need much more than a comfortable yoga mat such as the Twisted Guru Beach Yoga Mat to perform these asanas in the location of your choice.

Emotional energy

When studying for exams students often experience feelings of worry and self-doubt.  Students experiencing these feelings often get stuck in a state of feeling lost, losing their emotional energy. By slipping on a mind-clearing Chakra Mala and practicing Nadi Shodhan, you can bring about a great balance in emotional energy. The exercise takes only 5 minutes and can be performed multiple times a day to balance your internal energies at physical, mental and emotional levels.

While studying for and taking exams can be a harrowing experience, it is a very important part of our education and prepares us for a lifetime in very competitive working environments. With the necessary preparations and the inclusion of meditative and yoga practices you will be armed with the best possible ammo to ace your exams each and every time.

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