Why you should practice yoga

Don’t Stress It, Yoga’s Got You Covered

There’s a reason why yoga has been practiced across the world for thousands of years. It’s something that is easily dismissed as being just a series of stretches but true yogis know that yoga is so much more than just a few downward dogs. The power of yoga can heal a multitude of ailments both physical and mental. The American Psychological Association found that the percentage of Americans who reported symptoms of stress in January 2017 was 80%, an increase of 9% since the previous survey in August 2016. Stress is an inevitable part of our lives but practicing yoga can greatly improve your mental health by reducing the effects of stress on the mind, body and spirit.

How Can Yoga Help?

Yoga is a very grounding and calming experience which gives you a chance to leave all of your stresses and strains behind as you take the time to simply be present in the moment. There are some yoga poses that reduce stress better than others such as child’s pose and eagle pose. Including these poses in your practice will make your mind focus on one single point which will create a sense of peace in the mind which will quickly spread throughout the rest of  the body. Just the simple act of holding your body in a set position and breathing will lower your heart rate, blood pressure and respiration rate.

The Most Effective Ways To Relieve Stress

Exercise creates chemical changes in the brain which release endorphins into the bloodstream. This feel good hormone is one of the fastest and most effective ways to reduce stress. Yoga in particular is very beneficial in bringing down stress levels as you force your mind to stop and be still for a while as you simply focus on your breathing. Our brains are complex tools and they often need help regulating the stress response. Yoga does this by forcing the mind to slow down and focus on working through a series of poses. Even a short yoga session will create a sense of calm which is powerful enough to greatly reduces stress and anxiety.

The Effects of Stress On Our Bodies

The effects of chronic stress can range from immunological complaints such as cold and flu and high blood pressure to mental health problems like depression and anxiety. If you can keep your stress levels under control you will lower your risk of health problems while boosting your mood and giving your body a much needed serotonin fix. When you transport your mind to a place of meditation and stillness you create a sense of self which can guide your emotions in a controlled and positive way. The beneficial effects of yoga will be felt throughout your entire body long after you step off the mat.

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