Which Yoga Mat is right for me?

As a yoga teacher, I get asked this question a lot. Yoga mats are not one size fits all. The type of yoga, a person’s height, and existing injuries are all things to consider when purchasing the right yoga mat. A good mat will cost $70 +, so it is an investment; And at that cost, you will want to make sure that you purchase a mat that best suits your needs. To help you find the “one”,  I have rounded up a list of personal recommendations. I have actually practiced on each of these yoga mats, so these are yoga teacher tested and approved.

For Travel:  YOGO
If you are a traveling yogi, this is a must have. It’s compact size makes its easy to toss in your carry -on or yoga sak. And it is super light! YOGO’s commitment to sustainability is in their design, using only materials that are eco-friendly. Plus with every yoga mat you purchase, YOGO provides a food-bearing tree for a poor family in a developing country.

For Hot Sweaty Yoga: Lululemon Reversible Mat
I have spent a lot of time teaching and taking hot yoga classes. This is the best mat for absorbing sweat without compromising grip. I still use a yoga mat towel when practicing with my Lululemon mat, but you really do not need to.

For Sensitive Joints:  Jade Fusion Mat
I used this mat while on a retreat. The yoga room was in this large domed space and the floors were concrete – not optimal to practice on. However, this mat was super cushy and shock absorbent. My sensitive knees were just fine and my joints felt supported through each transition.

Vinyasa Yoga: Mellomae
This is a good multi-yoga style mat. It is made of sustainable jute, which is naturally antibacterial and the surface is non-slip. Mellomae says it is sweat absorbing, however I think you would still need a towel if you were practicing in a heated room. That being said, I think it can handle the normal amount of sweat produced in a non-heated power vinyasa class.  Love the designs too, very pretty.

For tall individuals – MandukaExtra Long PRO
Manduka’s 7 foot mat is ideal for the statuesque yogi. This magic carpet will keep your head, feet, and buddhi on the mat in savasana, so you don’t tickle your neighbors head with your yogi-toes.

Do you have a beloved yoga mat that you use in your practice? Please leave your recommendations in the comments below.

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