About Us - BuddhiBox Yoga Subscription Box


At BuddhiBox Yoga Lifestyle Subscription Box, our goal is to share the transformative power of Yoga and mindfulness.  

We love asana (yoga poses) at BuddhiBox, and it is one of our main focuses. There is a common misconception that Yoga is simply asana. But what really energizes us is the holistic ancient teachings of Yoga. So, you will see many tie-ins to various aspects of yoga and mindfulness whether it be an inspiring quote from a sacred text, a link to a meditation, or the insight of a Vedic astrologer. 

We choose inspiring yoga and mindfulness items, and self care products that are gifts and resources for those who want to learn more about spirituality and wellbeing. We trust that you’ll find a gift that nurtures you, or someone you care about: body, mind and soul. 

At BuddhiBox we value the truth of many paths. People of all cultures, faiths, sexual orientation, gender and ages are welcome here. We also practice Ahimsa as a business and spiritual practice. Ahimsa is a sacred Sanskrit word that means "do no harm." It's one of our guiding principles at BuddhiBox. Being a Yoga-inspired business can for many be an oxymoron. We see it as our sadhana (spiritual path). We choose to engage in the world with our hearts rooted in ancient teachings, bridging the gap as best we can with the material world, including western yoga practice. 

Our all natural, cruelty-free self care products are almost exclusively made by women in the US. Our yoga and mindfulness products are chosen from fair trade artisans in places where the roots of Yoga began. We build ongoing relationships with our artisans and makers to ensure what we send you upholds our values of no harm, quality, and sustainability.

We truly hope that your experience of your subscription box, and the energy of being part of the BuddhiBox Community will bring you love, connection, and the continued discovery of your deepest Self.   

With love,

Jennifer and the BuddhiBox Team