Unique Gift Ideas for Every Mom

She is our inspiration, our support system, and somehow always knows what’s best. This mother’s day, don’t just gift flowers or candy, give her something that she can use all year, and will remind her of how thoughtful you are. Here is my list for unique gifts for your unique mom.

For the Eco-Mom –

Caring and thoughtful, she gives her family her all but is mindful about what she takes. For the conscious mom, purchase gifts that don’t go to waste. Our Eco BuddhiBox features Organic Lemon-Rosemary Hand Sanitizer, Towels in an Eco-Sack, 1 lb Bag of Marley Organic Coffee, Reusable Snack Pouches, Recycled Metal Lotus Necklace, Macaroons – Vegan (2), and a 0.5 L Reusable Water Pouch

For the Outdoorsy Mom –

This mom appreciates a breath of fresh air. Encourage her to hit the beach or park with Twisted Guru’s Recycled Sari Beach Yoga Mats. This beautiful and versatile gift can be used for yoga or just relaxing on a sunny day with a good book.

For the Yogi Mom-

She is calm, authentic, and can stand on her head. Yogi mom’s can handle anything that is thrown at them with ease. So encourage her yoga practice with handmade, artisan straps and bags by Soulie.

For the New Mom –

Busy new mom’s seldom have time for themselves. Gift them a care package that they can share with their little ones with our Balasana BuddhiBox. Mindfully curated with items yogi moms’s can use on and off the mat. It also features a kid’s yoga deck, plush toy, and happy baby mantra spot for their mini-me.

For the Baking Mom –

There is nothing like fresh baked goods from mom’s kitchen to make you feel like home. For the mom that loves to spend time in the kitchen, gift her Yummi Yogi Cookie Cutters. Available in 4 whimsical yoga postures, these adorable cookie cutters allow mom to stop, drop, and yoga in her kitchen.

For the Mom who needs some Zen-

We all know that being a mom is the most rewarding but toughest job in the world. So why not gift mom a little zen? The Zen Mom BuddhiBox is an 8-piece set that shows mom you care about her well-being. Nourish her mind, body, and soul with a care package that inspires her to spend some time taking care of herself too!


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