Tips to unlock the meaning of your dreams

Ever wake up from a crazy dream, maybe even a nightmare, only to realize you’ve had this dream multiple times before?

When we feel overwhelmed or have strong emotions about a certain issue we may experience reoccurring dreams that will keep coming up until we understand what the real problem is.   All dreams are for healing purposes and tend to have a problem-solving twist to it for issues we feel we cannot solve when we are awake. A lot of times we can go through emotional situations or just try to lie to ourselves about how something or someone is affecting us. We let our rational thinking get in the way of what is really the root cause of our emotional burden.  When we sleep our rational thinking mind is resting allowing our subconscious to use symbolism in order to show us what we are truly feeling. Once we learn how to decipher the message we can pick the best tool to heal that emotion in a process I call Dream Healing.

Having a better communication with our subconscious will make it easier to listen to what it has to say.  I’m sure you may be asking.. But what if I don’t remember my dreams?  This is one of the first things I teach my students in my Dream Healing Course!


Here are a few tips to get you started and unlocking the hidden healing messages in your dreams!

  • Create a nightly routine at least 30 minutes before you want to go to sleep.
  • Do not sleep with the TV on as it may influence your dreams and make the message unclear.  (Electronics also make it hard to fall asleep)
  • Keep a notepad and pen next to your bed
  • Each morning, as soon as you wake up, write any dreams, keywords or symbols that your remember.
  • If you do not remember anything write down “No dream to record”

It’s important to be consistent with these practices and with your dream journal.  Writing “No dream to record” is a way to reprogram your mind by actively telling it retaining our dreams is important.  Be patient! Nothing scares a dream away more than trying to force it back into memory.  It may take a few weeks to remember but just see your subconscious mind as a friend you may have been ignoring for years.  It will take some practice, just like in yoga or any physical activity, but soon you will start picking up on patterns and messages that you were not even aware of before.

Give it a try and I hope you all have insightful dreams tonight!

If you’re interested in learning about Dream interpretation and healing check out my self-pace 8 week Dream Healing online course!



Blog by Meli, The Dreaming Yogi

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