Eat to Give Back

Are you ready to take on your week with full intention? So excited to introduce this week’s guest blogger – Natalie Khoo. A RD &  yoga teacher, Natalie shares with us how she lives her yoga in the food choices she makes. Not just what she puts in her body but what food companies she supports. Read below on how you can eat to give back. And as always, please share your thoughts with us.

We all want to eat delicious food that tastes good, looks good and makes you feel good. But what about food that also will do some good in this world?

There are many innovative do-gooders out there trying to make a difference, by embodying the concept of giving back– sharing profits or donating to various charities along with sales of their products. Check out this list and feel all that love & positivity you are putting out into the world, as you also nourish / treat yourself!

The items listed below are all vegan!

Kutoa bars (link:

For each bar that is purchased, one child in need is fed. The organization provides important nutritional items such as micronutrient supplements, peanut butter packets (specially designed to help cure malnutrition), Kutoa bars themselves, and sandwiches. Their bars are all vegan, gluten & wheat free and non-GMO, and come in great flavors such as peanut butter & jelly, chocolate espresso bean and chocolate banana! Fun fact: Kutoa means “to give” in Swahili. Remember that we should always aim to give, to give! Check out Joey’s (founder of Kutoa) amazing story here ( )

2 Degrees bar (link:

Similarly, for every 2 degrees bar that is bought, a hungry child in need is fed. These bars are also all vegan, gluten free and GMO-free. They come in wonderful flavors like Cherry Almond, Chocolate Banana and Apple Pecan as well as adorable 100-calorie sized mini bars!

If easy grab & go snack bars are already something you buy, why not choose these that also have a positive impact on world hunger?

Rescue Chocolate  (link:

100% of the net profit from these vegan chocolates go to animal rescue organizations around the country! They are completely cruelty-free and the love goes back to animals– these are perfect for the animal-lover. They come in fun flavor names such as Peanut Butter Pitbull and Foster-iffic Peppermint!

Tom’s Coffee (

Starting from their one-for-one (link: shoes, Tom’s has now expanded to sell a variety of items following their one-for-one concept. One of their newer ventures, is coffee. For every bag of premium coffee purchased, Tom’s will donate a whole WEEK of clean water (equivalent to 140 liters) to a person in need! We often take clean water for granted, and now with some delicious antioxidant-rich coffee, we can help others have safe water to stay hydrated and clean. So make your next coffee purchase one that also gives back!


One Hope Coffee (

One Hope Coffee donates half of the profits from sales of their 100% premium arabica coffee to a  to a monthly cause. They offer monthly subscriptions of coffee that is freshly roasted and delivered right to you, so you can always get your coffee fix! They help organizations such as Kiva (link: that provide microloans to help people break out of the poverty cycle.


Please support these conscious companies that care and give back. Eat good, feel good and DO good! At BuddhiBox, we add products that do good and give back. Each month we donate a portion of sales to charity. You can purchase a subscription and find your favorite new products HERE.

Author: Natalie Khoo

About Natalie Khoo…

Natalie is an energetic vegan foodie, passionate about health, nutrition & yoga. She is a Registered Dietitian (RD) and a Board Certified Nutrition Support Clinician (CNSC) who specializes in pediatric nutrition. She is also a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher and a Strala Yoga Guide! She is currently based in Washington DC, but loves traveling and wandering wherever the river flows. She absolutely loves LIFE, happiness, vegan food, good music, lavender scents, hemp milk lattes, mason jars & pink things! You can often spot her sipping on a green smoothie, eating peanut butter, or perusing the aisles of Whole Foods for fun! She aims to spread good vibes to all those around her and amplify love in the world, while being sparkly on the inside and outside!
Instagram @nattykhoo
Twitter @nattykhoo

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