The light in me sees the light in you

Have you ever heard a yoga teacher say “the light in me sees the light in you, Namaste” to end class? This got me thinking, what does the word light mean to me? I know I can be 50 different shades of “light.” I am light when I eat food that energizes me and keeps my physical body feeling mobile. I am light when I only say things that uplift others, proud of my word choice. I am light when I make other people laugh, literally a light in their life.

I can just be straight light headed with the million things on my to do list. I can be light and inauthentic with in-passing “hello!” What light do you see, yoga teacher?

In 2009, Japanese scientists found that the human body actual glimmers, that beautiful light comes from our body (although the light is 1000x weaker than the human eye can see). Does the yoga teacher “energetically” see that?

Each week I create a mantra that I empower myself to use all week. Because I teach 15 yoga and fitness classes a week, I use that same mantra all week as way to hold myself accountable. This week, my mantra was “I am light.”  I tasked myself redefined what LIGHT meant to me every day.

I found myself light after a good sweat, light after a good conversation with my Dad, light after I slowed down driving to my job, light when I gave my juicy orange to a homeless man on the street.

The light that yoga teachers claim see, you get to feel. It’s a choice you make in every situation the life presents you. When given options, which one makes you feel lighter? As I challenged myself to choose the lighter options this week, I found that abundance poured in. When I slowed down to drive, I showed up to work patient. When I gave away my delicious orange, I was filled with happiness rather than fructose.

No matter what the teacher can see or not see, the choices/actions I took this week made me light up. I know people could feel that in my presence. Thanks for the challenge, yoga teacher.

 Katie B Happyy’s #b_inspired mantra: I am light

“ Lightness can be anything, whether you feel light from the healthy food you ate, free from guilt because you made good decisions, light because you brighten other peoples day. Say it with me, I AM LIGHT”

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Katie B Happyy’s Bio

Katie B’s passion for getting the most out of life goes beyond the yoga mat. As a teacher, she asks big questions like what makes you whole, how do you gie that to the world? As a personal trainer she challenges you to dream BIGGER and be alive in every moment. Each connection she makes, is an opportunity to change the world. Certifications including Vinyasa 200hr CorePower Yoga, Yoga Sculpt, Yoga Pilates, Kids Yoga, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and over 3000 hours of live teaching has landed Katie B in a dynamic role to strengthen and open people inside and out.

She created the #b_inspired initiative where she disperses positive inspirational messaging, evoking action on her social media outlets, during her classes, and with personal clients. She challenges her followers to answer big questions for themselves, and go out into the world and give back.

Katie teaches classes currently in San Diego full time. She runs 3 teacher trainings annually, “Awaken Your Spirit” retreats in California, India, Mexico, Colombia, and life changing fitness programs monthly. She not only teaches hundreds of yogis a week in San Diego, but she also puts her “Monday Mantra” out every week so her students all around the world can join into the greater conversation. Join the greater conversation, follow In/Tw : @katiebhappyy

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